From Learning to Teaching, Origami!

Kangna Saini, SRCC, New Delhi, Student and Batch-3 Intern, shares her journey from learning to teaching Origami.

Origami was something I had never done before so I began preparing for my origami session by watching the Yes! I Am Happy’s youtube tutorials. The videos were clear and well explained and I could easily manage to learn it in a short span of time.

Fortunately, the students I had to teach already knew a bit of it so it made my task easier. I taught them some of the basic shapes like the dog face, a car, and a flower. The students were very enthusiastic and could easily follow up.


After I finished teaching them the shapes I had learned, I asked them to make any shape of their choice so as to test their creativity and much to my surprise, some students performed really well.


I would describe the session as a blend of teaching and learning, of visualizing and performing and of knowledge and creativity. 

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