Origami can do wonders beyond fun!

Arunesh Prasad, NIT Durgapur, West Bengal, Student, and Batch – 3 Intern, shares his journey of how origami can do wonders beyond fun!

I remember how I used to fold paper airplanes or paper boats during my childhood and how it got me excited every time I used to play with them. They were fun. But at that stage of my life, I never gave it any more thought.

Could paper folding have been anything else than just fun?

The answers, I guess, became clear when I started working with Yes! I Am Happy in January 2017. After following the minutes of one of its campaign “Rangeen Kagaz”, I realized that origami not only is a means to spark creativity but also instills valuable educational knowledge.

A TED Talk from Arvind Gupta, an Indian toymaker who uses trash to make toys for learning, gave me the final push to start something new. I followed one of his videos to learn and make a ‘flexagon’ which I used to demonstrate the concept of the food chain in a workshop I organized while interning with Yes! I Am Happy. It was a major hit!

The students loved it and they claimed that they understood the idea behind biological food chain better than ever. In the workshop, the students also made tulip flowers and bears and they had fun while doing it.


Origami teaches a child to develop his cognitive abilities while urging them to think out of the box.

They learn to follow guidelines but also remain flexible with their methods.

“They learn to cooperate with each other which develops a healthy collaborative attitude. Origami can easily be integrated with mathematics or science which not only makes the subjects more fun but the students also start becoming more interested.”

Having realized that during the workshop, I believe origami paired with formal education is a definitive way to go about bringing a change in the education sector.

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